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Why Wild?

Our feathers & down are collected from wild waterfowl in America.

The old world peasant custom of gathering down for egg money is becoming a dying industry with fewer textile manufacturers to produce the tightly woven fabric needed to contain down. You can expect to pay more for an all-wild waterfowl product compared to a product that uses synthetic fiber  or commercially harvested fill. Compare the size of Tulelake Pillow Company's down with commercially harvested down and see for yourself.

Our silver dollar-sized wild plumules make softer, fluffier pillows and comforters .

Commercially harvested down plumules are about the size of a dime.

We collect the down and feathers for all of our fine products from wild waterfowl.

Unloading feathers and down from truck

Feathers and down harvested from hunters in Tulelake and other California hunting clubs are cleaned and prepared for your pillows and comforters.

A 10 pound Canadian Goose has about six ounces of feathers, 20% of which is down. It takes 40-54 geese to provide enough down for one king-size comforter.

Tulegoose Pillow Company

Pillows made with 100% wild waterfowl feathers and down are far superior to any commercially made pillows. 

Take the test and compare our pillows with the rest. Compress a pillow with your fist for five seconds. Since down won't stay compressed, the pillow should return to its original shape in 20 seconds or less. Though it is permitted by law to stuff pillows and comforters with rags and other "fill" along with down, the Tulegoose Pillow Company uses only 100% wild waterfowl feathers and down. Our all-down pillow has about one and a half pounds of fluff - the down from a dozen geese.

Wildfowl down

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